What Have We Been Up To?

We are now painting commercial & residential murals in New Orleans Louisiana as well as the Dallas Fort Worth area!

Our Little Mini Cooper S - Becomes A Billboard For SaxonLynn Arts

SaxonLynn Arts Mini Cooper Car graphics Advertising Fine Art, Murals & Design
Car graphics for SaxonLynn Arts Mini Cooper

Keeping the British connections alive....Or is that German nowadays? Anyway we need an Englishbulldog to complete the set up.

Behind The Scenes - All That We Do Before It Goes On Display

Red Hot Chili Peppers Surfboard
Red Hot Chili Peppers Commission - Photoshop advice

Long Board Shark Painting

Smile You SOB Long Board Available for purchase. This crazy colored shark skaeboard has had over 600pins on Pinterest.

Smile You SOB
Our latest longboard skateboard painting

40x10" Mixed media on maple longboard.

Now available our latest skateboard or longboard painting. We combined a few styles and the result is a crazy mix of color and sea life.

This longboard is availble as the original or can be commissioned. 

If you are interested in this longboard, drop us a word.


How To Stretch Canvas - SaxonLynn Arts Does It All!

We create out own stretched canvas Start to Finish
How we stretch our Canvas Fine Art.

Kids Bedroom 'Call Of Duty' Xbox- Skateboard Fine Art

soldier, xbox game skateboard
army soldier xbox skateboard art

Art Shows & Festivals

South Lake 'Touches of Hope' exhibit Sept 8th

Piano Mural Donation Sept 24th

Mansfield Art & Music Festival - Oct19 - 20th

Huffines - 26 - 27th Oct

Award Ceremony 'Campfire Kids' at the Worthington Hotel Oct 30th

Fairview Art Festival Nov 9-10th

Campfire Kids' Auction & Diner Nov 9th

We plan to attend a lot more art festivals in the near future!

We participated in the Fort Worth Main St Arts festival!

SaxonLynn Arts main Street fort Worth
SaxonLynn Arts featured in the Main St Fort Worth Arts Festival

Thanks so much for all those that appreciated our artwork , young & old alike. We had a great time

meeting you guys and hope to be there again next year. For those who bought a piece of art, I hope you get to enjoy

it as much as we did creating it. Don't forget to tell all your friends and family about us.

We want Saxonlynn Arts in everyones home!

SaxonLynn Arts fine art, painting & design
Slow start to Main St Fort Worth Festival
SaxonLynn Arts fine art, painting & design
Slow start to Main St Fort Worth Festival
Some Art Festivals we were at in Dallas, Lubbock, Galveston and Fort Worth Tx
SaxonLynn Arts booth set up
SaxonLynn Arts - Main St Fort Worth Art Festival Booth - Fort Worth Tx
Our first real Art Festival Fort Worth Tx

We participated at Mansfield Unplugged Art Festival -

Our home town show!

Main St, Mansfield, Tx

Event runs from 10/8/14 through 10/14/14 with music during whole event and Art Festival at the weekend.


Here's some pictures of the Historic Mansfield Art & Music Festival we attended. As part of the show, a booth for SaveTarrantWater.com

were offering free rain barrels for artists to paint. They were then put in a silent auction over the weekend.

It was available for anyone who would want to support the cause. SaveTarrantWater's booth received a lot of

interestingly decorated rain barrels that were painted in really different ways, all sold to the highest bidder over

the course of the festival and we are happy to say Sheri's was well received and sold too!

SaxonLynn Arts art festival mansfield tx
SaxonLynn Arts Art Festival

Sheri Donated A Rain Barrel To - SaveTarrantWater.com

SaxonLynn Arts painted rain barrel Tarrant water
Sheri Donates another Barrel for a 2nd Yr!

For useful info on water conservation in the home and ways to think ecologically.

SaxonLynn Arts fine art, painting & design
Our first ever art festival in Mansfield Fort Worth Texas