Selection of Current Artworks Presented to Celebrities of Music

Arkworks presented are commisoned by us to be presented to artists performing for the Barclays Center Brooklyn

Skateboard For Lil'Wayne - Tidal Concert Barclays Center Brooklyn

Concert for Tidal at the Barclays Center Brooklyn 10/21/15

We were commissioned by Barclays to paint a skateboard for Lil' Wayne the famous U.S Rapper/hip hop artist. So with free reign we came up with this Halloween style painting in the likeness of "Papa Legba" a Louisiana spirit guide or gate keeper between the living and the dead. We figured as Lil'Wayne is from New Orleans and have a darker edge to his style and music, this would fit. Making him look a lil creepy in the process. Hope he likes it! This is now the 4th Celebrity painting we have painted.

1)Red Hot Peppers

2) Dj Kaskade

3) Madonna & Co for Amnesty International

4) Lil' Wayne 

Surfboard For The Red Hot Chili Peppers

Our Chili Peppers Surfboard - Wall mount, sold 2/20/2014 on CharityBuzz for $4500.00

We're really proud to be apart of something unique and to have contributed to the cause. Thanks to all involved also to the Barclays Center for giving us this opportunity.


Surfboard painting for The Red Hot Chili Peppers 2014

We were commissioned by Barclays Center Brooklyn to paint a one off 

surfboard that featured all the band members and an overall feel and vibe 

of their style and origins. We were given complete freedom to design and plan

how the project would go. After a few ideas we set upon painting this bright red and black 

surfboard, with sky blue accent colors. The band were presented with the surfboard

after their concert in Feb 2014

All the band members signed the surfboard and it was then given to Celebritybuzz

for auction. Our surfboard sold for $4500.00 proceeds went to bass player Flea's charity

Amnesty International Painting

Amnesty International - Original Painting for the Barclays Center Brooklyn 36x24" Masonite board

This piece was commissioned for the Barclays Center Brooklyn.

For the upcoming Feb 5 concert featuring host - Madonna, Artists:

Pussy Riot/ Luaren Hill/ Cake/ Cold War Kids/ Imagine Dragons/ The Flaming Lips and many more. 

After the show the artists all sign this 36x24' masonite board painting.

The piece is then auctioned for charity. 

The painting was a great way to show support to Amnesty International;

What better way to depict a poster idea than to show a microphone stand with the iconic Amnesty Candle logo as the mic. 

Also a weather worn USA flag hangs in the background lowly lit by the burning candle wrapped in barbed wire,

as commonly seen as the symbol of hope in regard to human injustice and imprisonment, uniquely making this piece the Amnesty concert for America.

'Bring Human Rights Home". Thank you Barclays Center Brooklyn for creating this event and giving us the chance to showcase our support and help

encapsulate the relevance of the event's purpose.

Amnesty International Commission for Barclays Center Brooklyn
Amnesty International Commission

Skateboard painting for DJ Kaskade - Atmosphere Tour 2014

skateboard painting for DJ Kaskade - Atmosphere Tour 2014
Dj Kaskade skateboard painting