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Our biography and piano mural
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Simply put, Sheri and I share a creative spark that lends itself to making art!


We love painting, we love deisgn, the freedom of the open road, the ocean & the environment. 

As such, we spontaneously brought about SaxonLynn Arts. It wasn't planned; starting an

'art biz' just felt like a natural progression to where we were heading as an adventurous free spirited couple.

Our like mindedness brought us together an Ocean apart and from two different cultures, if not similar in nature.


Lee -        London, UK 

Sheri -      Fort Worth, Texas 


So, what started as curious friends looking to dive- buddy each other in the Caribbean, transpired to finally meeting

each other, falling in love,a few roadtrips and eventually tying the knot. We like to think we have that little

something unique that many couples search for to make them feel whole, & for us it's our creativity.


We share plenty of artistic experience and qualifications between us. We're from a fine art & graphic design

background, having enjoyed various freelance commissions over the years. Some of which include running a

design business in Scotland U.K

Finally, we are at a point now where we can embed both a graphic design sense with a traditional fine art business.

What we can achieve & succeed in collaboratively, may well be greater than which can be gained as individuals. 

Our focus and our determination compels us to excell beyond our personal limitations. Two minds are better than one, which helps

us to think outside traditional means. We constantly seek our fullest potential in whatever artistic direction we find ourselves facing.

We give our all, our soul is in what we paint everytime. We do mean that. To us we are only as good as our last contact.

In the art business, reputation is the only way to get yourself ahead.


This is just the beginning of something.

If you've just found us you won't need to look anywhere else we promise!


Lee Saxon & Sheri Lynn - SaxonLynn Arts
The U.K USA Connection