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Our Custom Hand Painted Skateboards For Sale

Simply click on an image to bring up the details of the custom skateboard painting, varied views and availability & pricing.

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Please contact us if you're interested in purchasing a custom fine art deck in the style/color/design of your choice. 

We happily accept new ideas for when you want something original to you alone!

All Custom Skateboards Ship For $25.00 U.S - International Rates Differ Dependent Upon Location

A selection of our Newest' hand painted custom skateboards

Smile You SOB is our biggest skateboard painting so that said is actually

a longboard. designed for gliding down the braod walk or street. Sweeping curves.

This long board was hand painted with mixed media. Took about 3 days to complete. Acrylic, mat pencils and a colorful imagination. 
We decided to combine a couple of styles previously explored in other boards like 'Liquid Skies', Nibbles', and the canvas painting 'Big Wave'.

The result is something we'll strive to perfect in follow up decks. This type of art is kinda new in that we don't go down the unnatural colors route. 

If it sells we'll pursue more in this vein.

What Goes Into A Surf Painting

A long board for sweeping curves and gliding. No tricks just relax and surf the

streets on this multi colored maple ride.

This deck is also at home in the corner of your room. If we had our way you'll hang this long board in

the living room and have it back lit. This fine art surf inspired long board is an original painting available for purchase now. 

Whenever we paint these one of a kind skateboards we do so with care. Using the best maple decks and sanding all the top

coat of before we sketch on. Then once an idea has been set in motion we start the sketch and initial block colors.

All the detail of the painting comes at the end and finally the black outlining that completely tightens the painting.

We sometimes add details you can't see readily, like glitter in the coral and stony sea bed.

This particular painting has a mixed media of colored pencil, acrylic paints and India ink outlining.

To finish off this piece so you can stand on the art we clear coat with 2 -3 coats of gloss poly urethane.

Sometimes it will be satin and sometimes even 2 part epoxy resin, just depends on our mood and if 

the project is for a client with specific needs. But most of the skateboards, long boards and surfboards

we paint are meant for hanging on a wall

Great white jaws skateboard
Great White shark skateboard

Nibbles - Custom Skateboard painting

This deck sold last year. Some of our custom decks have an immediate affect.

We miss it dearly as it took 2 weeks to paint but a little boy in Dallas gets to look

at this every day in his bedroom. A close representation of this deck can be painted

on a regular skateboard/longboard/surfboard or canvas. 

Lime green octopus skateboard
Super Sucker octopus Skateboard

Super Sucker - Skateboard

This skateboard sold in less time than it took to paint it. Thanks to a buyer in Dallas

The painting was inspired by the microsoft wall paper of a similar look. We imagined 

this piece like a comic book cover. Super hero Octopus! You can commission a close

repesentation. Check out our Store of contact us for details.

Piano painting of tropical sea theme. skateboards painted to a similar theme.
Painted piano neptune, atlantis, lamp fish & sharks

This is our Piano Connection series. A set of works that carry a tune together.

It started with the piano mural. Commissioned for the City of Mansfield. The entire piano is painted. The sides and front are complete with tropical fish, a shark,

lamp fish, a sea turtle and coral. We loved the piece so much we didn't want to end it there, so we painted a few more pieces in the same style. This 3d mural, full fine art and detailed throughout is a wonder to behold when you plunk you butt down and play. Maybe instrumental murals add the inspiration to play a better melody, who knows. We certainly enjoyed the task of painting a fine art ocean mural with a graphic feel and almost a graffiti style in mind. Very surreal, impressionistic approach made this an immediate original.

galaxy skateboard dj kaskade
skateboard painted for Celebrity DJ Kaskade

DJ Kaskade - Atmosphere Tour 2014 Skateboard

We were commissioned by the Barclays Center brooklyn to paint this blue galaxy, nebula

inspired deck. Kaskade was presented with it after his concert.

Here's a recent private commission for a customer over at our Etsy store!

This piece was created to look just like the original skateboard Fiesty Waters which we painted a few years back.

Fiesty Waters' was painted as our first ever skateboard in the Octopus Series and was sold at an art show in 2011..

Fiesty Waters 2' was painted in dec 2012.

The client wanted her new board to look as much like the original as possible..

A Selection of Our Skateboards All Available To Buy!

New Skateboard 80's Style Graffiti BMX